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The dumpling team has listened to its community of workers and is excited to introduce our new and improved website with features that make it even easier to build a movement to change your workplace!

Workers can start a movement by anonymously sharing an idea that would improve their workplace and create positive change for themselves and their coworkers. We believe that strength in numbers is a powerful way to make change happen, and dumpling gives you the tools to engage and unite co-workers behind your ideas.

To share an idea that would improve your workplace (while staying safe and anonymous), get started here:

dumpling community members can build momentum behind their ideas by sharing their post(s) and by receiving supportive comments (examples, advice, or encouragement) and endorsements for their idea. Similarly, they can also help others build movements at their workplaces by commenting on and supporting their ideas.

To grow awareness and support of your idea, you can share your post (or any post on dumpling) either publicly or anonymously. By using the “Anonymous Share” feature, you can get others involved while staying completely safe and anonymous. 

The Anonymous Share feature allows workers to get their co-workers involved while staying safe and anonymous

The new momentum tracker shows you how much support your ideas and insights are getting from the dumpling community. The tracker monitors the amount of support a post has received based on supportive comments, endorsements, shares, and traffic. The more momentum an idea has, the more likely that employers will pay attention to their worker’s ideas and make change happen. 

The Momentum Bar shows how much support an idea has behind it.

Another new feature is the ability to endorse an idea and follow a post. Endorsing a dumpling member’s post increases its momentum within the community and shows support for popular issues that employers should pay attention to and change. Following a post allows one to easily track the activity and momentum of a post.

These new features are here because we care about the dumpling community and the feedback that it gives us because we know that workers are an important part of society and deserve to be heard. If you have any opinions or feedback about the site, then feel free to let us know!