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Instacart Shopper Earnings and Pay Rates Across the US


Here’s a glimpse into how much Shoppers at Instacart are earning, as well as insights into the delivery rates for the week of November 20, 2017.


For the week of November 6-12, the average Shopper across our sample earned $13.99 per hour, before deducting expenses. Shoppers worked an average of 29 hours per week, with a maximum of 81 hours. 


There is a wide pay range depending on the city and zone that a Shopper works. Expenses can reduce Shoppers’ earnings significantly. Most Instacart Shoppers are designated as independent contractors and are responsible for paying for their gas, car wear-and-tear, auto and health insurance, and workers’ compensation, as well as incidentals such as parking and tickets.



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Total Earnings per Hour Before Expenses (National Average)

Total earnings per hour includes delivery commissions, bumps, and tips.


*Average earnings/hour is calculated before Instacart Shoppers pay for expenses such as gas, wear-and-tear on their vehicles, or insurance, which Shoppers are required to pay themselves. The 2017 standard IRS deductions is $0.53 per mile. 



Hours Worked per Week (National Average)


The Low Down on Tips

Tips made up on approximately 18% of a Shoppers pay or $2.77 per hour for the average Shopper. Tips vary significantly across our sample size, from as little as  38¢ per hour to as a high as $8.49 per hour.




Tips as a % of Earnings

Deliver Rates by Instacart Zones

For the week of November 20, 2017, here is a sample of various Instacart Zones. Mondays are one of the highest paid days of the week and average $8.36 for full-service shopping and delivering an order.


For delivery-only (i.e. orders that were already prepared at the store), Shoppers receive $5.13 on average for each delivery they make.  The upcoming rates that Instacart pays Shoppers varies significantly based on region and day of the week.


Full-Service Rates


Delivery-Only Rates

Full Service Rates by City/Zone


Delivery-Only Rates by City/Zone

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