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The dumpling team has listened to its community of workers and is excited to introduce our new and improved website with features that make it even easier to build a movement to change your workplace!

Workers can start a movement by anonymously sharing an idea that would improve their workplace and create positive change for themselves and their coworkers. We believe that strength in numbers is a powerful way to make change happen, and dumpling gives you the tools to engage and unite co-workers behind your ideas.

To share an idea that would improve your workplace (while staying safe and anonymous), get started here:

dumpling community members can build momentum behind their ideas by sharing their post(s) and by receiving supportive comments (examples, advice, or encouragement) and endorsements for their idea. Similarly, they can also help others build movements at their workplaces by commenting on and supporting their ideas.

To grow awareness and support of your idea, you can share your post (or any post on dumpling) either publicly or anonymously. By using the “Anonymous Share” feature, you can get others involved while staying completely safe and anonymous. 

The Anonymous Share feature allows workers to get their co-workers involved while staying safe and anonymous

The new momentum tracker shows you how much support your ideas and insights are getting from the dumpling community. The tracker monitors the amount of support a post has received based on supportive comments, endorsements, shares, and traffic. The more momentum an idea has, the more likely that employers will pay attention to their worker’s ideas and make change happen. 

The Momentum Bar shows how much support an idea has behind it.

Another new feature is the ability to endorse an idea and follow a post. Endorsing a dumpling member’s post increases its momentum within the community and shows support for popular issues that employers should pay attention to and change. Following a post allows one to easily track the activity and momentum of a post.

These new features are here because we care about the dumpling community and the feedback that it gives us because we know that workers are an important part of society and deserve to be heard. If you have any opinions or feedback about the site, then feel free to let us know!


Workers across the United States are frustrated. While the business sector is thriving with record corporate profits, soaring executive pay, and all-time-high stock market prices, this success has failed to trickle-down to the overwhelming majority of workers who are helping make these businesses so successful. This dynamic between the business sector and its workers extends significantly past employment compensation and impacts Americans in so many other areas of their work life. These areas of impact include job satisfaction, employee appreciation, fair treatment, and having their voice heard by the company to create positive change. As the treatment gap between the company and employee continues to widen, it should come as no surprise that workers throughout the country have reached their breaking points with the American work culture, and are demanding action to improve the status-quo of the worker-employer relationship. To find out what is creating the disconnects between employees, companies and job satisfaction, we interviewed hundreds of workers (teachers, retail workers, on-demand drivers, nurses, and restaurant workers, among others) across America, from Seattle and the Bay Area to Oklahoma City and Little Rock in our heartlands. In every US location, we found that American workers have much more in common with each other than one would expect. With their help, we pinpointed key areas at the top of everyone’s frustration with the current employee/employer relationship.

Workers Feel They Don’t Have a Voice
After years of gaining experience in customer-business relationships and mission-critical roles at the companies they serve, American workers have a valuable and unique point of view they can use to provide positive insight into how businesses operate in the modern world. In recent months, PR disasters have plagued the business sector in the form of internal conflicts in companies like Uber and Wells Fargo. Many of these companies had received feedback from employees before the issues became costly. Therefore, suggestions and input from employees beyond their own conduct can be viewed as an inestimable resource to make data-driven decisions on company operations and how they can be approached. Experienced employees have valuable insight into improving the culture and inefficiencies within their companies. However, in some cases there is not a safe and viable platform within companies to have their voices heard.

Feedback Mechanisms Are Inherently Broken
Our research demonstrated that mechanisms for employees to voice their opinions need improvement for their feedback to make a positive impact on the company. Currently, company discussion forums are monitored and, in some cases, can lead to termination if employee criticisms are viewed negatively by management. In some cases, employee feedback is collected in HR surveys that do not meet employee expectations and do not assist the company. This system creates a conflict of interest in which direct managers can be the subject of criticism, yet may be the only avenue for employees to voice their suggestions and feedback. In addition, some third-party tools that are aimed at voicing employee feedback and networking are targeted towards upper-management and may not be relevant for, or known by, employees who need these resources.

Workers Care and Want to Drive Positive Change
Perhaps the most interesting aspect of our data, was that frustrated workers displayed strong dedication, productivity, and loyalty to their companies, despite grievances. We found tenure at current jobs, training and specialization for that job, and a desire to drive positive change at their current workplace to be significantly higher among America’s workers than existing stereotypes would imply.

Workers Need A Platform to Voice Their Feedback and Unite for Change
Based on the strong and consistent feedback we heard from these American workers, we set out on a mission to create an online community that gives them a platform to make their voices heard, will allow employees to drive positive change at their workplaces, and gives companies the mutual benefit of tipping the scales back to a positive direction in the employee-employer relationship. This community is being built on a few key principles:

Focused on Positive Change
This community isn’t about venting; rather, it’s about making real, positive change at workplaces for the benefit of companies and employees. With this system, American workers are encouraged to voice wishes about aspects they believe would increase their job satisfaction, strengthen co-worker feedback through examples and advice, and propose solutions to internal issues for their company.

Peer review and community collaboration are foundational elements to the community. There is power in combining the best ideas and feedback for a company to pinpoint the most important topics and solutions. This will unite workers and employees behind these causes — greatly increasing the odds to create positive, real change within the company.

Real and honest feedback can flourish when collected outside of company walls where employees feel safe. Almost without exception, workers we talked to felt there were too many potential downsides to making their voices heard through typical channels at work, which also prevents companies from making changes with this feedback. That is why members of our community will always remain anonymous.

All activity, from posting feedback, to collaboration on improving a wish for improvement or proposing solutions to a company issue, occurs in the public domain where it can be the most impactful. It has been demonstrated that public awareness of concerns can make a huge difference on how quickly and appropriately a company can respond to feedback.

Help Us Build Our Community
We feel passionate about our mission and the importance of giving America’s workers a platform to voice their feedback and, ultimately, improve the employee and company balance. As with all communities, the strength and success of dumpling will depend on the individuals that join it and support the positive impact this community can have. We’re looking to build our community to have the most impact as possible. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for updates on our development and community impact!