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Amazon, Security Guards, SIS

Amazon is one of the largest tech companies in the world and is continuing to expand its more than 340,000 employees globally, including more than 30,000 employees at their South Lake Union campus in Seattle, Washington. In addition to regular employees, the tech giant also employs thousands of contract workers. In Seattle, more than 800 of Amazon’s contract workers are security guards tasked with keeping the Amazon campus safe. Although tech companies are known for their great treatment of employees, contract workers often have a very different experience working atSEE DETAILS ...

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Lyft, Uber

Check out what Uber Drivers are saying at dumpling.usFollowing the recent removal of CEO, Travis Kalanick, Uber is trying to make fast changes to its treatment of drivers and their driving experience in an effort to show these drivers how committed the company is to them. One of these changes was an option for drivers to receive tips, something their drivers had long been asking for. Another change was the implementation of a policy to notify drivers when they accept a ride that includes travel longer than 45 minutes. As moreSEE DETAILS

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Minimum Wage, Seattle

Starting in 2014, the City of Seattle developed a committee that would answer the calls for compensation increases for workers. The committee consisted of representatives from the city council, unions, businesses an chamber of commerce members who gave a recommendation for wage increases. This recommendation eventually became the minimum wage ordinance that will gradually increase wages to $15 over a period of time. After the ordinance was implemented, the University of Washington was commissioned to evaluate the results of the ordinance.The recent release of a University of Washington minimum wageSEE DETAILS </s...

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The dumpling team has listened to its community of workers and is excited to introduce our new and improved website with features that make it even easier to build a movement to change your workplace!Workers can start a movement by anonymously sharing an idea that would improve their workplace and create positive change for themselves and their coworkers. We believe that strength in numbers is a powerful way to make change happen, and dumpling gives you the tools to engage and unite co-workers behind your ideas.To share an idea thatSEE DETAILS

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Lyft, On-Demand, Uber

On-demand ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft recruit drivers with guarantees about covering them with car insurance. This allows the driver the option of using their own car to transport customers during their shifts, which can range from a few times a week to everyday and may add up to hundreds of miles.These policies are an effort to provide incentives for these on-demand drivers to use their own cars more frequently without worrying about the additional risk that comes along with being on the road significantly more.The Lyft insurance policySEE DETAILS

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