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We polled Instacart Shoppers for details on their commission rates for the week starting on November 5, 2017. As each day has different payout amounts, we asked Shoppers to share the commission details provided for their city on Monday and Tuesday, which are typically on the high and low ends of the payout scales respectively.

We had over 160 responses from Instacart Shoppers across the US. Many cities/markets contain multiple zones, each with their own specific commission payouts. For these cities, we took the average of all the different inputs. The number of respondents is included at the end of the city name. Here’s the data and some of our initial observations.

There is a wide range of variability for delivery rates between different markets.


All markets have different commission rates between Monday and Tuesday, however, some markets have greater differences than others.

There can also be wide ranges of delivery commission rates within different zones in a single market.


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